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Balance, Healing & Tranquility

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We provide a foundation for personal development and expansion to strengthen our clients sense of greater purpose in life, well being and hapiness through natural products and personalized services.

In a time of increasing change, it is our mission to connect people to products and services that come from the heart. That is why we built a place were you can join life changing mastermind retreats, empowering seminars, transcending workshops and personal care products that are designed by harnessing the quintessence of nature. 

As a company we focus on encompasing the primary stages of transendence. Through the evolution beyond self, beyond the past and beyond time & space to master the essence of just being. 
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Are you seeking a retreat to take time out and connect deeply with your soul? This year has brought many challenges and the great reset has begun. There is a great transformation happening and we are all experiencing it in different ways… It is a great re-evaluation and time where people are reflecting on the meaning and purpose of their life.

TransZen has designed a very unique Transformational Mastermind Retreat to master the art of self-healing, self-leadership and self-transformation.

Embark on a journey where you will experience a group tour of the only mineral crystal cave in the world and a sacred healing ceremony. Learn proven techniques on how to be in your center, connected to your soul no matter what comes up in your life.

This once in a lifetime retreat will shift your paradigms and expand your consciousness on multi-levels. 
To CREATE our FUTURE, we shall HEAL our PAST, by doing the WORK in the PRESENT.
  • Rediscover yourself after too long of feeling disconnected
  • Peace and quiet for the mind, refreshing energy for the body
  • Have a wonderful time learning a different practice than your own
  • The ideal location to unplug and enjoy the beauty of nature
  • Drop out of “normal life” for a period
  • A place where you can care for yourself without distractions
  • Numerology Reading
  • Soul Integration Session
  • Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing
  • 1-Interactive Healing Workshop
  • Experiencing the Crystal Cave of Pulpi, which is the only mineral crystal cave open in the world for visitors with Selenite Geos over 5meters long
  • Visit Nerja one of the Spain’s largest stalagmite caves with a breathtaking pillar standing 105ft (32m) tall
  • Sacred Closing Ceremony
  • Wellness Massage & Ancient Baths
  • Healthy & Nutritious Food
This is a life changing event and if you have any questions, please reach out to our team!
The dates will be published in April 2022 for our retreat in Spain during this fall!

Peace of Mind, Is Peace Within.

Envita Rose



TransZen was founded in 2019 by Envita Rose to offer a hollistic approach to rebalancing and restoring the mind, body and soul to clients around the world. Our high-end services and products cover a wide range of ancient techniques with modern energy work, with bespoke care plans. Our internationally renowned team of Practitioners provide one-on-one care, to create a personal plan to support in the clients journey.
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Envita Rose Founder
and Transpersonal Healing Practitioner

  • Envita Rose LinkedIn

To answer life's most intriguing questions, Envita Rose studied various forms of healing and human psychology of motivation and change for over 20 years with authorities in the field of NLP, Numerology, Quantum Physics, Spiritual Practices, Healing Modalities, Quantum Shamanism, Mediumship and many more. She is a Transpersonal Healing Practitioner and combines various modes of healing and coaching that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology, including the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects.


Naomi Gibson
Writer, Yogi, Healer and Event Producer

Naomi Gibson is a world traveler, writer, yogi, healer and event producer working in Los Angeles, CA. Naomi has been on a journey of self exploration and healing for many years. Having grown up in a high-control group she experienced trauma at a young age. Through speaking out and sharing her story she found thats where the true healing begins. As a writer, Naomi believes story telling is one of the most powerful tools to connect us.


Carla van Wees 
Teacher and Retreat Developer

  • Carla Van Wees LinkedIn

Carla Van Wees' love of travel began at the age of 2 when her parents would take her to travel to their home country of the Netherlands. Her passion for travel continued and Carla has visited over 48 countries on 6 continents.

As a teacher, Carla understands the process of planning. She includes your unique interests and personal preferences to create travel experiences with memories to last a lifetime. She has a passion for intercultural understanding and lifelong learning. Carla uses her education, experience, and foresight to proactively address details before they become a concern. She is excited to take a journey and share her love of new experiences with you!

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Our Healing Ceremonies are a combination of traditional healing rituals with aspects of the new consciouness energies. They are a gateway to deep healing and opening of the sacred heart. Connecting to the Spirit, Creator and elements of the Universe. 

Our clients expreince a deep transformation and leave with an experience that shifts the energy in their lives. 

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  • Balances Mind, Body & Soul

  • Decrease anxiety, negative thoughts and emotional reactions

  • Healing Past Stories

  • Increased Engery

  • Greater Sence of Awareness

  • Become the Master of Your Life

  • Boosts Mood & Makes You Feel Happier

  • Inner Sence of Peace

  • Connection to Universal Energy

All is mind; The Universe is Mental.

 1st Hermetic Principle for Self-Mastery

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Our missions is to inspire and empower people to direct the change, through the purity of their heart and soul consciousness. To share the mystery teachings and a deeper understand the creational powers that fill the Universe and how you can apply the Universal Principles to transform the physical energy to become in a natural state of flow.  


Those who desire personal freedom, shall liberate themselves from what is holding them back.

The one with more options is truly free.

Those who wish to awaken humanity, shall awaken the wisdom within.

True awakening takes place internally.

Those who intention is to eliminate the suffering in the world, shall free themselves of the suffering within.

Love, freedom, safety, truth, and trust emanates from within.

Truly the greatest ability to yourself and the world is of your own self-transformation.

PDF of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece



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Gaia operates a global digital video subscription service and online community that caters to people who are looking to be educated, inspired, and enlightened on their path to conscious awakening. Their digital content library is over 8,000 titles, which can be streamed by their members on most internet-connected devices anytime, anywhere, commercial-free.

Gaia members have unlimited access to a vast library of inspiring films, cutting edge documentaries, interviews, yoga classes, esoteric teachings, transformational content, and more

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Xpnsion Network provides programming from extraordinary practitioners to help you on your journey. Sharing programming from the top energy, healing, transformational coaches and practitioners worldwide. This Television Network is growing at a rapid pace and we invite you to tune in and discover yourself and others on this path to Consciousness. Feel the excitement and enthusiasm of others as you experience these practitioners changing lives in front of your eyes.

The best way to forsee the future,
is to build it, from the foundation you have.

Envita Rose


Non-Profit Kelsang.jpeg

Reported by the UN in 2020 about 9.2% of the world are under privileged. These number are calculated based on what they earn in comparison based on the person’s ability to cover their basic needs. This effect their health, education and living standards.

We are honored to work with the Mother Kelsang Choikey Welfare Society, who supports under privilege children. Teaching about 80 students, which half are underprivilege their school is slowly developing and will be adding 2 more classrooms to their 4 rooms.

On behalf of working with our clients, we have sponsored an outside playground for the school. We value sharing because the lower 9.2% is just as essential to the 90.8%.

Thank you Mother Kelsang Choikey and your team for all you do.



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