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"To master a new way to be,

we must learn a new way of being."

TransZen Team


About Us

Our mission is to offer products and services that support in raising the individual and collective consciousness, so we may co-create at the most harmonious vibrations as we are entering this golden age. 


Expand your consciousness together with the most advanced seminars and workshops by stellar Shamans, Spiritual Teachers, Masters and many more

to co-create the new world together.

"Each of us is a unique thread, woven into the infinite web of life, of our collective consciousness."

TransZen Team

Image by Johannes Plenio


Join us with world renown Quantum Shaman Simone Gers to embark on a journey in connecting to the souls consciousness of the sacred civilization of Lemuria.


Every event in our past history presents us with a new opportunity to experience and even greater life. There is a jewel to be found in the hidden knowledge of what life was like during the era of Lemuria.


This interactive workshop we will learn about the connection between the souls of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and our life today.


This special 2hr interactive workshop enables all participants to engage and we request to send your questions in advance to hello@transzen.com.

"When words come from the heart of a soul, they find the place in another heart of a soul."

TransZen Team

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Anytime & Anywhere...

We offer the recordings of our events, to enjoy the messages from Soul 2 Soul on your own time and in your own space!

Please see our offerings and register if you would like to join our next events!

"Mens sana in corpore sano. 

A healthy mind in a healthy body."



Energie Chip

An Innovative and All-Natural Way to Relieve Chronic Pain, Made Possible through Major Scientific Breakthroughs and Over Thirty Years of Clinical Studies.


The Energy Cell influences the cell activity in the body once it is placed on the skin. It enhances cell communication, regeneration and therefore naturally heals.